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Nataterra is an asymmetric territory-control board game, with elements of resource management, technology development, and a unique combat system set in an original high-fantasy world!
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The World

The beasts are outcasts, forced to band together to survive in the world of Nataterra. Goblins, orcs, centaurs, harpies and the mighty cyclops form their ranks!
They all fight for their freedom from the subjugation of the Human forces trying to dominate them.
Able to overwhelm their enemies with massive numbers, their low cast units make it easy to swarm the map. The death of any one of them sends the rest into a vengeful rage, bound as they are by their blood and shared struggle.
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Over the years the Khart family has discovered how profitable the subjugation of the Beasts can be within the Eastern word. Though this has made them one of the richest families on the continent, it has also caused a great deal of strife within their lands.
Many factors have contributed to the continued dominance of Humans over Nataterra, but their greatest strength is their versatility. Whether it's by rapidly constructing strongholds on the front line or retraining their soldiers with advanced technology, the Humans of Nataterra always seem to come out on top.


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The Atari, once the most advanced civilization on Nataterra, now operates as a society of assassins and rare creature collectors.
They will stop at nothing to manifest their supremacy over the continent, mercilessly eliminating those who stand in opposition to their master plan.
Agile and fast, the Atari are natural killers. They excel at striking from the shadows whenever an opening presents itself, which they much prefer than being caught on the defensive.

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The Game


There are several environments in the world of Nataterra. Find out how to make the most of them based on the Civilization you choose!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Gather Resources

Resources are essential to the growth and eventual victory of your civilisation. Use your workers to collect them or explore the map with your fighters to plunder great riches!







Go through your Tech Tree to research new technologies and upgrade your units before the battle!


Prepare your army to defeat your opponents through a unique combat system.
In Nataterra there are multiple Victory Conditions. Plan your strategy and choose your path to domination!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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