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Nataterra is an asymmetric territory-control board game, with elements of resource management, technology development, and a unique combat system set in an original high-fantasy world!
Which side are you on?


The World

The beasts of Nataterra are outcasts, united by their struggle for survival against the dominating Human forces. Goblins, orcs, centaurs, harpies, and cyclops are among their ranks, all fighting for freedom.
The Beasts' advantage lies in their ability to overwhelm their enemies with massive numbers, using their low-cost units to swarm the map. When one of their own falls in battle, the rest are sent into a vengeful rage, bound by blood and a shared struggle.


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Untitled_Artwork 7.png
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Untitled_Artwork 3.png
Over the years, the Khart family has become incredibly wealthy by exploiting the Beasts in the Eastern world. However, their actions have caused significant turmoil within their territories.
The Humans maintain their dominance in Nataterra due to their ability to adapt to various situations. They can quickly construct fortifications on the front lines or equip their troops with cutting-edge technology. This versatility has proven to be their greatest strength, allowing them to emerge victorious time and time again.


The Atari, a once-great civilization on Nataterra, now operates as a society of assassins and rare creature collectors. Obsessed with manifesting their supremacy over the continent, they will stop at nothing to achieve their master plan, mercilessly eliminating anyone who stands in their way.
Swift and deadly, the Atari are masters of the art of assassination. Their agility allows them to strike from the shadows with lethal precision, preferring to act on their terms rather than be caught on the defensive


Long ago, the Naga faced a curse that drained their spirits and weakened their bodies. To save themselves, they turned to a gruesome practice - ripping the souls from living creatures and offering them to the Majestic, a towering tree that spans the Underwood forest. This pact granted them the power of Flare and protected their spirits, but at a terrible cost. The once peaceful Naga became ruthless hunters and their society was forever altered. The Tunder family had long been at odds with the "snakes," but what was about to emerge from the waters was beyond their control.
Not many have had to deal with the mighty Naga before. They draw power from the souls they capture in battle. Absorb as much as you can and extend Underwood's domain over all of Nataterra. If that's not enough, call upon the true monsters of the wood!
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Untitled_Artwork 1 (1).png
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Naga logo.png

The Game


Become a master of the land in Nataterra by adapting your strategies to the various biomes, using the strengths of your Civilization to thrive and conquer.

Gather Resources

The fate of your civilization hinges on your resource management skills! Command your workers to gather essential resources, or send your fighters to explore and pillage the land for valuable treasures!


Blaze a trail to victory by unlocking a vast array of new technologies in your Tech Tree. Upgrade your economy and empower your units before heading into the heat of combat!


Get ready to lead your army to victory with Nataterra's one-of-a-kind combat system! With multiple victory conditions to choose from, plan your strategy carefully and choose your path to domination. Whether it's conquering enemy territory or mastering advanced technologies, the road to victory is yours to pave!
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